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High standards interior design and furnishing

interior designer trio We, members of Flat Art - namely Otília Szabó, Nóra Szentesi and Andrea Uhrin - have been working together in this field of work for more than ten years, and our goal has always been providing excellent service to our customers.

As absolute and dedicated fans of the interior decorator profession, we can say that designing isn’t simply our job – it’s also our passion. All three of us studied interior decoration until 2000, but beyond our interior decorator profession, we all have a college and/or university diploma as well.

With the knowledge of our higher education, we can take the job with a greater affinity by mixing it with our profession’s knowledge, therefore providing better, and more accomplished services. We also enrolled in ’Space and Order’ mag’s interior design journalist and stylist class, wich opened new dimensions of interor design and media for us.

Our interior design trio offers a full interior decoration service. Also, we can include the rules of Feng Shui during the process if necessary. If you would like to make the interior of your house, flat, restaurant, office or store visually spectacular, or if you’re faced with tasks and hardships concerning interior design or the implementation process, ask us!

Ever since establishing of our interior design firm, we’ve been decorating lots of flats of every size, houses, offices and stores. You can also find our references on our homepage. Our interior design trio will also take up tasks wich aim for creating aesthetic and harmonic interior spaces. Since interior design is a relatively young profession in Hungary, we can clearly state that we have accumulated lots of experience during our years of work.

If you wiew our more than ten years worth of interior decoration experiences, close to a tousand of our finished plans, and the fundamentally different style and way of thinking of the three of us, you may take us coinciding in opinions with you as a guaranteed fact from the very start.

If you feel you’ve found us, do not hesitate, contact us!

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