Classicist Mansion along the Danube

Classic values and modern needs melted together during the rebirth of this mansion, protected as a national monument. This mansion really is one of the crown gems of our interior decorator career.

classicist mansion 1 classicist mansion 2 classicist mansion 3 classicist mansion 4

classicist mansion 5 classicist mansion 6 classicist mansion 7 classicist mansion 8

During the designing, we had to fully abide by the requirements of monument protection, wich made us think and decide on solutions that followed the classicist style during the planning of this beautiful mansion’s renewal and redesign.

The modern milieu of this mansion was made to give guests every luxury of today, in the mood of yesterday.

The second hand furniture and accessories together make unified classicist mood in the interior, however, this can also comfortably accomodate any person of modern thinking.