Clear-out Villa

I’m absolutely sure, that the neat, clean and harmonic environment has an influence on our everyday lives, and our mood. The harmony of our home’s ornaments and colors may prove to be the key to creating the perfect home, and it’s a fact that everyone wants and tries to reach this goal.

„This remodelling was worth every and all hardships, since the changes in our home brought forth renewal and change in every aspect of our daily lives. We’re happy, and proud of our new home.” – These were the words of gratitude we recieved from our clients, the married couple who owned the realty.

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The villa was built in the 90’s, about 45 miles from Budapest, in the garden suburb of Hatvan, therefore it reflected the interior design, style and opportunities of that time. The great remodelling did not have any functional reasons, they didn’t need more rooms, or a bigger bath, the change was needed simply for visual reasons.

They knew that this was no easy task, and also felt that they would need help to complete it. When they came to us, they only knew that they wanted something entirely different then what they had at that time, and that they wished to grant everything possible by interior designing means to their first-year schoolgirl daughter.

When the decision was made, and the remodelling could finally begin, we technically had to reconstruct the whole house from brick to brick, to renew the whole heating system, electric system, and all the inner- and outer doors and windows. At that time, the ceiling was supported by four, roll-shaped pillars, wich were connected by huge archs.

Functionally, the house was similarly divided before and after, however, the spaces were much smaller before, due to the huge, 3+2+1 leather sofa and the stairs next to the dining room. One of our main objectives therefore was to make the interior consistent, and more spacious by using visual tools, or in modern, simpler terms – make everything more clear-out.

After surveying the static condition of the house, we found that half of the pillars could be substituted by other methods, and that the arches aren’t necessary. We also asked the owner about her personal habits, and found out that she rarely uses the stairs leading to the cellar, and that there is an exterior staircase wich connects to the cellar as well, so we didn’t need that either.

With these few and simple interior redesigns, we won huge extensions for the kitchen – living room – dining room trio’s space, and became even more convinced that we can make the pair’s dream come true. We thought in modern style, and clear-out shapes, wich also required getting rid of the fireplace, and the remodelling of the ladyfinger-shaped mirrors on the suspended ceiling.

We didn’t have to deconstruct everything – it was sufficient to change the shapes. The uniform, rectangular shapes brought forth the orderlyness of the space, thereby creating a harmonic milieu for the furnishing. Regarding that, we used unique methods, the cause of wich was again, to keep the spaciousness. The U-shaped kitchen units turned into the open space on one side, where we built in benches, wich also functioned as the low-height furniture of the living room.

This resulted in the table being surrounded by benches on two sides, while the other two sides were surrounded by chairs. This way, the dining room became visually pleasing to look at, and created an interesting crossfade between the living room and the kitchen, thereby diminishing the much-debated joint space problem. The table could be expanded, and the dining room bench that stretched onward as living room furniture was quite long, making the space exceptionally useful for hosting a family union, wich was a stressed request from our customers.

The sofa of the living room was perfectly sufficient for relaxation needs, its shape and size fit perfectly into the world of these clear-out shapes. Moreover, the huge wall space behind it was screaming for ideas, and technically offered itself up for the chance to give a cozy, warm and relaxing, yet exciting and trendy atmosphere to the living room. This is how the lighting-spiced spectacle wall was born, wich housed organic leaf motives in a playful green color that were reflected on the curtains, shutters, pillows and the carpets as well.

This complementary green color made the whole realty so natural and dynamic, that it quickly became the family’s favourite, and had its imprint on the ornaments as well. Additionally, it made the angular shapes softer, and gave a perfect reason to include the many plants, wich made the wife quite happy. The wallpaper and curtains of the living room also enveloped us in the bedroom, with a lighter ocher tone. This also strenghtened the unity of the different rooms, much like the uniform overlays and lamps did. The tiles of the bathroom were chosen to represent femininity. The flower-shaped decorations represent feminine curves and softness, but doesn’t clash with the modern interior of the villa, since the beige-brown color usage describes the whole house. The small bathroom got a huge shower with the help of the water-clear glass, since the glass, being almost virtual, doesn’t get in the way of clear vision. Of course, the deepest care was turned towards Dóri, the first-year schoolgirl of the pair, and her very own, private empire. Soft and relaxing colors, simple shapes, and romantic ornaments make the room slightly childish, and very girly, yet create the basics for the transition to the later teenage world.