Colorful and Modern Cooking School

The old trolley-garage on Budapest’s parkland was renovated, giving a neat homes to many new stores. This is where our customer’s dream, and our designs and plans became reality: a cooking school for children. We made the friendly atmosphere with the colorful and cheerful walls, the rest was handled by them.

colorful and modern cooking school 1 colorful and modern cooking school 2 colorful and modern cooking school 3

colorful and modern cooking school 4 colorful and modern cooking school 5

We enriched the spirits of the place with dynamic colors, so that the old garage could become a cooking school. It’s a basic and well-liked way of coloring spaces meant for children with shaddes of red and yellow. The dark-grey floor tiles were our choice, wich gives a neutral base to the interior. Naturally, we used cold pavement, wich could easily be cleaned.

The interior was separated into three main spaces by the plasterboard walls – dining hall, cooking hall, and the combined bathroom and storage room. Some of these plasterboard walls were newly built, while the others were inherent. A small workcorner took its place near the entrance, where administration took place. When designing the interior, it was important to maintain both the ability to cook, and the ability to closely watch the orders of the chef simultaneously, for 10-12 children at the same time, as well as providing a place where they could eat the different cuisines at the end of the lecture together.

Here, the children not only learn to cook, but also familiarize with the kitchen units and cookwares. They realise, that everything has its own place, and the most important when organising these kitchenwares is practicality. We made the cooking stage according to the rules defining both ergonomics and the safety of the children.

Spices and kitchenware took their place on the shelves. Since the interior was designed for children, it was imperative that everything is in their reach. We used fiberboard furniture, and assembled them with stainless connects, as requested by our client. These connects not only function as workdesks, but as storage spaces as well.

The wire baskets on the inside served as storage areas for chopping boards, graters, and other important kitchenware. We also added large-sized metal lamps to the alredy built lighting of the suspended ceiling. After the cooking is done, the little chefs can eat their own meal in the dining room under the curved windows. Looking back, we can say it’s always a pleasure to work on tasks if our client is interested in our ideas, and willing to accept them.