Interactive Furnishing

interactive furnishing

Our Interactive Furnishing is, in a sense, „fire extinguishing”, or „quick aid”.

Naturally, this service can not and does not replace the complete interior decoration services, it’s motive is something entirely different. With this service, we plan to help those customers, who did not yet decide to employ an interior designer, or do not think they have the necessary financial background to support a full renewal, or the purchase of new fixtures. We hope that the introduced plans will help the customer to realise that employing an interior designer is not wasted money, and is by no means a luxury, but a rational, and well-based decision. Additionally, we would like to offer this service to our customers who alredy realised this, yet feel that the time has not yet come to start such investments, thereby choosing the goals and initiating the process together with them.

Order this service

Our Interactive Furnishing service can be claimed via e-mail from our interior designers. We always need one basic outline of the to-be-furnished space, in either 1:50 or 1:100 proportions, with all the measurements readable, and a short description of the task. We will always send a description of the details, wich will help the customer navigate through the plan we make. These completed furnishing plans will be sent via e-mail or mail to the customer, depending on the size and quantity of the plans, and the customer’s preferences. Additionally, the payment of the interior designer can be through bank transfer, or paycheck to the bank account or mailbox agreed upon at the time of making the contract. The prices for this service ar detailed below, all of wich are representative fees reflecting the goals agreed upon. Please note that these prices do not contain VAT, only the plans, the detailed explanation, and the advisory fee of the interior designer.

  1 furnishing plan (basic outline, M=1:50) 3 different furnishing plans (basic outline, M=1:50) Spectacle plans /pcs
A4 size A3 size A4 size A3 size A4 size
Uncolored EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 140 EUR 280 EUR 60
Colored EUR 80 EUR 160 EUR 180 EUR 360 EUR 90

Spectacle plans may only be ordered together with basic outline plans, however, the amount of spectacle plans for a single basic outline plan is not restricted.

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