Interior Decoration Services

We offer several planning package offers, interactive furnishing, home shopping and consultation for realty purchase.

Turnkey interior decoration

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We recommend our Turnkey Interior Decoration service to those of our customers, who don’t want to supervise each and every little detail of the design, decoration and furnishing process, and are only interested in the outcome. When beginning the process, we discuss a style or concept by wich we will be working, a marginal cost, and our designers will plan, decorate and furnish the realty abiding by these agreements. In case you wish to claim this service, we undertake every detail and decision in your stead. In the slideshow below, we present an example by wich you can familiarize with this service.

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Interactive Furnishing

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Our Interactive Furnishing is, in a sense, „fire extinguishing”, or „quick aid”. Naturally, this service can not and does not replace the complete interior decoration services, it’s motive is something entirely different. With this service, we plan to help those customers, who did not yet decide to employ an interior designer, or do not think they have the necessary financial background to support a full renewal, or the purchase of new fixtures.

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Consultation for realty purchase

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You wouldn’t want to pay lots of money for a neat, but unfurnishable realty, right? Then send us a basic outline, and we can give you a professional opinion about the options and possibilities regarding furnishing of your future realty.

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Planning package offers

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Our unique interior decoration package offers open towards those of our future customers, who won’t or can’t claim our full course planning.

Our package-priced services include different phases of the planning procedure, that are individually useful information to anyone. These packages are always changing, expanding, and come in stages that together reach the full course planning.

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Home Shopping

home shopping

Purchase from home! Our firm accepts the task of surveying your realty, to find appropriate fixtures for either an alredy existing enterieur, or remodelling your realty. After the surveying, and agreeing upon details, we transport many ornaments and personal usage articles to your home, from wich you can choose your preferences. Our interior decoration professionalism and your preferences together will be the guarantee that your home will be aesthetic, nice, cozy, and pleasing.

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