Minimal Single-lady Flat – Modern Home for a Modern Lady

This reference shows the modern flat of a single girl. Minimalist furniture, and far-eastern styled elements define this flat near Farkasrét.

minimal-single-lady-flat 1 minimal-single-lady-flat 2 minimal-single-lady-flat 3 minimal-single-lady-flat 4

minimal-single-lady-flat 5 minimal-single-lady-flat 6 minimal-single-lady-flat 7 minimal-single-lady-flat 8

minimal-single-lady-flat 9 minimal-single-lady-flat 10

The owner of the realty dreamed of a really modern, minimal style home, wich balances the open and spacious interiors into peace and harmony. Since the house was still in the middle of construction, there were opportunities for some interior design tricks left open. This is how we were able to create f.e. the plasterboard spectacle shelf wich separated the living room from the forefront.

The coloring of the furniture was balanced between wenge (tropical timber) and white birch, and the contrast between them. The other furniture also integrate into this contrast, some of wich were made by carpenter-work. The beautiful, light-toned sofa was the most charming piece of furniture in the living room.

An equally important factor when designing the bathroom proved to be practicality. While the built-in shelves were able to support lots of stuff, the built-in lighting made taking a bath into a more exciting scenario.