Modern Family House – Turn Classic into Shocking

When we first visited this family house, we saw a furnishing of classic tastes, yet neat and convincing arrangement. Our clients however desired a home that would fixate more on modern style and way of life.

modern family house 1 modern family house 2 modern family house 3 modern family house 4

modern family house 5 modern family house 6 modern family house 7

The interesting factor of this task was stressed even more by the fact that we had to create a spacious family home by uniting two separate living quarters. This was how the living room and the dining room opened up for each other, which was not only practical, but aesthetical as well, in the sense of expanding the space. The furniture was changed in the whole house, making us free of the burden of accomodating our plans to the existing ones.

The kitchen remained wide and spacious, in spite of the connect, wich needed a lot of space. The shapes are mostly angular, therefore, minimal style characteristics dominate the house.