Modern Realty with Lively Colors – Redefining the Suburban Cube House

We dreamed the home of the enterpreneur living in Székesfehérvár in a modern-minimal style, using daring colors and shapes where available. The classic cube house was previously rebuilt internally, when the separating walls inside were relocated, but the real change was brought via a full course interior re-decoration.

modern-realty-with-lively-colors 1 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 2 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 3 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 4

modern-realty-with-lively-colors 5 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 6 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 7 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 8

modern-realty-with-lively-colors 9 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 10 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 11 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 12

The living room – kitchen – dining room trio was made more exciting by the use of variable lighting. The careful choice of wallpaper, the warm textiles, and the sofa together, made the mood more friendly and cozy.

The classic fireplace was remodelled as well, since it had to harmonize with the interior.

The source of the certainly shocking, but ambitious vibes of the bedroom and the children’s room was the intriguing style and use of wallpaper. The furniture gave off the feeling of a real modern way of life.