Modern Secessional Flat

When designing the interior, we had to complete our task by honoring both the mother’s secessional, classical tastes, and his grown son’s modern requirements.

modern secessional flat 1 modern secessional flat 2 modern secessional flat 3 modern secessional flat 4

modern secessional flat 5 modern secessional flat 6 modern secessional flat 7

We were successful in making the mood consistent, even with the different ideas using the same stage, since being nice was a requirement from both sides.

The plasterboard spectacle shelf was an elegant and neat background to the classic smoking table and the comfortable, soft sofa. The textiles give warm vibes to the space, while being light, and followed a modern style.

The american-styled kitchen required the rethinking of the space. The angular-arranged dining table separates the kitchen well, wich also held the pillar-like furniture hiding the oven.

The bathroom had a rustic overlay, and a huge bathtub, which made it the island of comfort and peace. The bathroom bar helped logical space usage and functioned as a fine and practical storage element.