Nice and Elegant Flat

Sometimes it happens, that our employment only concerns designing a small portion or zone of a flat. This happened, when the placing of the many-functioned kitchen gave our customers a headache. They got their relaxing answers from us. On many occasions, people face the problem of being unable to solve the placement of functions of the kitchen in the kitchen itself. Our customer came to us with a similar problem.

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He wanted a kitchen that has enough space to keep the kitchenware in, cooking is comfortable, and can house 2-4 people while they eat.

His most important problem was that the window, due to the layout of the house, meant technically no natural light source, wich meant that the original room was inherently dark. That is why we stressed relieving that problem the most while designing.

We placed a warmly colored painting on the window that was unable to maintain its main function, technically abolishing it, and the problem of lighting was solved by spotlights placed in the kitchen units and on the ceiling. Organising the lighting well was imperative, since our customer liked dark kitchen units.

The other hardship was that the kitchen and the living room faded into each other without any transition – this problem was solved by designing the kitchen units that were on the side of the living room, to be part of the living room alltogether. The dining room’s function was put into a semicircular dining table, so that we take up the least amount of space from the alredy crowded living room, all because the goal, being a small flat, was to make it as spacious as possible.

This was also helped by opening the forefront, the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen into each other, during wich we tried to keep the functions as separate as possible. This unity was supported by the suspended ceiling, wich also meant most of the lighting as well.