On the Shore of the Danube – Office in the Flat, Flat in the Office

This flat got its value and elegance from the meeting of quality furnishing and materials, and good fashion tastes. This reference is our example of making a flat on the Danube’s shore to function as both a luxurious home and an extremely charming office.

office in the flat 1 office in the flat 2 office in the flat 3 office in the flat 4

office in the flat 5 office in the flat 6 office in the flat 7 office in the flat 8

office in the flat 9 office in the flat 10 office in the flat 11 office in the flat 12

Our employer wished for arrangement and furnishing that would have quality furniture and materials. Therefore, stylish elegance was in our focus during the interior planning of the premises. This elegance was apparent for the living room in the beige leather furniture, and the carefulkly picked textiles in the different shades of brown, wich also served to harmonize the different furniture.

Since this home was also the main work office of our customer, we had to make it so, that this subtle elegance and style was apparent the moment his business clients, who would regularly come, set foot in the entrance. The also carefully hand-picked parquet creates both the business-like atmosphere and the private elegance by breaking the borders between home and office.

The study, the office room, and the library were all designed according to our customer’s preferences. The style of these rooms is naturally in a balanced harmony with the facade of the whole realty. The stylish luxury could be sensed the moment we set foot in the office, wich was supported by the quality wooden furniture. We were also careful that wherever the customer, or his own customers may go, the elegant milieu still had to be apparent.