Panoramic Minimal Flat

The almost touchable, beautiful wiew of the Castle of Buda enchants those who step into the fifth floor flat on Attila st. in the very first moment. Our client, who rented the apartment, has been living in that apartment block for quite a while, when her dream came true – she could finally buy this flat with a wonderful panorama. Since she was quite the occupied person, she sought the help of professionals, who could not only cooperate in the planning of the absolute minimal design she wished for, but would also take up the task of implementation as well.

When she came to us on the spring of 2009, she had a ready idea roughly planned, after her architect friend helped her think through the functions and the basic outline. Since this was the detached flat of an older civic building, we knew from the start that we needed to reorganise everything. The old hall was changed into a kitchen, the bath into a washing room, and the kitchen into a bathroom, all in accordance with the architetc’s plans. Concerning both the colors and the materials, our client was insistent on staying minimal, but basically we got green lights on using the extravagant elements inherent in the design as we saw fit.

panoramic minimal flat 1 panoramic minimal flat 2 panoramic minimal flat 3 panoramic minimal flat 4

The passageway got an elegant grey patterned wallpaper, wich was made even more interesting and fancy by the lighting effects. When designing the living room, the panorama held the most influence. While sitting on the comfortable sofa, both the virtual world and the real, spectacular sight were enjoyable. The neat stone overlay harmonized with the minimal style and colors of said sofa as well. The study was an important area of the living room’s space. Our client’s most favourite area was the bar corner, wich also functioned as a spectacular interior design element as well.

panoramic minimal flat 5 panoramic minimal flat 6 panoramic minimal flat 7 panoramic minimal flat 8

The glass door of the bedroom greatly improved the lighting of the otherwise dark kitchen. Additionally, when looked at from the entrance, the whole interior opened up before us. The contrast between light and dark made the interesting connections of the rooms even more dynamic. In the dining room – kitchen area, this elegant feeling came from the polished metal surfaces, and the black and grey glass, wich made the enterieur more uniform.

panoramic minimal flat 9 panoramic minimal flat 10 panoramic minimal flat 11

The hanged ceiling in the bedroom harmonized with the markings of the wallpaper. The light curves helped us ease the assimmetry of the space. The clear-out shaped, half-corner bathtub also had the same beautiful panorama. The shower cabin was made of glass, wich didn’t make the space smaller. With the adjustable wall panel, the television was also easy to turn and watch from the appropriate angle. We also kept this easy and consistent layout when choosing the tiles.