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The easiest way to show you our professionalism in the field of interior decoration, is to show you the alredy completed plans. View our photo gallery, and make sure, with your own eyes, that our accomplishments will help you as well! In the last eleven years, we’ve planned the interior designs of many houses, flats, manors, offices and shops in modern, classic, classicist, minimalist and mediterranean style. In the lower section, you can view some of our finished projects, where we tried to make a visually pleasing and colorful presentation to help your decision.

Turquoise Minimal Home

minimal livingroom kitchen minimal livingroom minimal mood

minimal livingroom corner minimal enterior minimal kitchen

minimal simplicity minimal bedroom

Our customer was a young university student, who wished for a minimalist styled home, however, as an admirer of colors, wasn’t stuck in the beige-brown stereotype. Browsing through her favourite colors, we chose purple and turquoise, with proved to be quite effective.>>>


Clear-out Villa

clear-out villa 1 clear-out villa 2 clear-out villa 3 clear-out villa 4

clear-out villa 5 clear-out villa 6 clear-out villa 7 clear-out villa 8

clear-out villa 9 clear-out villa 10 clear-out villa 11

I’m absolutely sure, that the neat, clean and harmonic environment has an influence on our everyday lives, and our mood. The harmony of our home’s ornaments and colors may prove to be the key to creating the perfect home, and it’s a fact that everyone wants and tries to reach this goal. „This remodelling was worth every and all hardships, since the changes in our home brought forth renewal and change in every aspect of our daily lives. We’re happy, and proud of our new home.” – These were the words of gratitude we recieved from our clients, the married couple who owned the realty. >>>


Panoramic Minimal Flat

panoramic minimal flat 1 panoramic minimal flat 2 panoramic minimal flat 3 panoramic minimal flat 4

panoramic minimal flat 5 panoramic minimal flat 6 panoramic minimal flat 7 panoramic minimal flat 8

panoramic minimal flat 9 panoramic minimal flat 10 panoramic minimal flat 11

The almost touchable, beautiful wiew of the Castle of Buda enchants those who step into the fifth floor flat on Attila st. in the very first moment. Our client, who rented the apartment, has been living in that apartment block for quite a while, when her dream came true – she could finally buy this flat with a wonderful panorama. Since she was quite the occupied person, she sought the help of professionals, who could not only cooperate in the planning of the absolute minimal design she wished for, but would also take up the task of implementation as well. >>>


Modern Flat with Extravagant Elements

modern flat with extravagant elements 1 modern flat with extravagant elements 2 modern flat with extravagant elements 3 modern flat with extravagant elements 4

modern flat with extravagant elements 5 modern flat with extravagant elements 6 modern flat with extravagant elements 7 modern flat with extravagant elements 8

It’s a real challenge for the interior decorator to create a new, bigger flat by opening two separate bed-sit flats into each other. The owners of these homes liked warm colors, extravagant solutions, and modern, comfortable furniture. >>>


Modern Classic Civic Home

modern classic civic home 1 modern classic civic home 2 modern classic civic home 3 modern classic civic home 4

modern classic civic home 5 modern classic civic home 6 modern classic civic home 7 modern classic civic home 8

modern classic civic home 9 modern classic civic home 10 modern classic civic home 11 modern classic civic home 12

This modern classic civic home was made by opening three neighbouring flats into each other. The home, wich had an extravagant panorama of the Parliament, had to thank this interior redesign for its wide, comfortable space. The daring resonation between classic and modern elements, brave usage of colors, and luxury were what described this flat. >>>


On the Shore of the Danube – Office in the Flat, Flat in the Office

office in the flat 1 office in the flat 2 office in the flat 3 office in the flat 4

office in the flat 5 office in the flat 6 office in the flat 7 office in the flat 8

office in the flat 9 office in the flat 10 office in the flat 11 office in the flat 12

This flat got its value and elegance from the meeting of quality furnishing and materials, and good fashion tastes. This reference is our example of making a flat on the Danube’s shore to function as both a luxurious home and an extremely charming office. Our employer wished for arrangement and furnishing that would have quality furniture and materials. >>>


Minimal Style Bachelor Flat

minimal style bachelor flat 1 minimal style bachelor flat 2 minimal style bachelor flat 3 minimal style bachelor flat 4

minimal style bachelor flat 5 minimal style bachelor flat 6 minimal style bachelor flat 7 minimal style bachelor flat 8

The mood of this flat became dominated by minimal style – the stone overlay of the walls, and the instantly obvious aquarium. Our customer was a young man, who found it imperative to use minimal style, to keep the freedom of the spacious and consistent interior, and to use subtle colors. >>>


Modern Realty with Lively Colors – Redefining the Suburban Cube House

modern-realty-with-lively-colors 1 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 2 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 3 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 4

modern-realty-with-lively-colors 5 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 6 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 7 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 8

modern-realty-with-lively-colors 9 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 10 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 11 modern-realty-with-lively-colors 12

We dreamed the home of the enterpreneur in a modern-minimal style, using daring colors and shapes where available. The classic cube house was previously rebuilt internally, when the separating walls inside were relocated, but the real change was brought via a full course interior re-decoration. >>>


Minimal Single-lady Flat – Modern Home for a Modern Lady

minimal-single-lady-flat 1 minimal-single-lady-flat 2 minimal-single-lady-flat 3 minimal-single-lady-flat 4

minimal-single-lady-flat 5 minimal-single-lady-flat 6 minimal-single-lady-flat 7 minimal-single-lady-flat 8

minimal-single-lady-flat 9 minimal-single-lady-flat 10

This reference shows the modern flat of a single girl. Minimalist furniture, and far-eastern styled elements define this flat near Farkasrét. The owner of the realty dreamed of a really modern, minimal style home, wich balances the open and spacious interiors into peace and harmony. >>>


Classicist Mansion along the Danube

classicist mansion 1 classicist mansion 2 classicist mansion 3 classicist mansion 4

classicist mansion 5 classicist mansion 6 classicist mansion 7 classicist mansion 8

Classic values and modern needs melted together during the rebirth of this mansion, protected as a national monument. This mansion really is one of the crown gems of our interior decorator career. During the designing, we had to fully abide by the requirements of monument protection, wich made us think and decide on solutions that followed the classicist style during the planning of this beautiful mansion’s renewal and redesign. >>>


Colorful and Modern Cooking School

colorful and modern cooking school 1 colorful and modern cooking school 2 colorful and modern cooking school 3

colorful and modern cooking school 4 colorful and modern cooking school 5

The old trolley-garage on Budapest’s parkland was renovated, giving a neat homes to many new stores. This is where our customer’s dream, and our designs and plans became reality: a cooking school for children. We made the friendly atmosphere with the colorful and cheerful walls, the rest was handled by them. We enriched the spirits of the place with dynamic colors, so that the old garage could become a cooking school. It’s a basic and well-liked way of coloring spaces meant for children with shaddes of red and yellow. >>>


Youthful Classic Estate

youthful classic estate 1 youthful classic estate 2 youthful classic estate 3 youthful classic estate 4

youthful classic estate 5 youthful classic estate 6 youthful classic estate 7 youthful classic estate 8

youthful classic estate 9 youthful classic estate 10 youthful classic estate 11 youthful classic estate 12

It might be suprising based on the photos, that this home made in a strictly classic style is resided by a fairly young married couple. This house was described by classic furnishing and quality design, since this was the closest to our customer’s idea in terms of style. The classic mood of the living room was apparent in the low-key coloring. We also gave the room mediterranean feeling – requested by our customer – apart from the classic accessories. >>>


A Tiny Jewel Box – Colorful Modern Small Flat

colorful modern small flat 1 colorful modern small flat 2 colorful modern small flat 3 colorful modern small flat 4

colorful modern small flat 5 colorful modern small flat 6 colorful modern small flat 7 colorful modern small flat 8

It’s usually a big challenge to decorate the interior of a small flat, and it requires more creativity. Thankfully, creativity made it possible that functionality and design could coexist in this 47 square metres flat. Our customer wished for a comfortable, colorful, creative, and absolutely modern interior. >>>


Youthful Design Flat

youthful design flat 7 youthful design flat 9 youthful design flat 8

youthful design flat 4 youthful design flat 5 youthful design flat 6

youthful design flat 1 youthful design flat 2 youthful design flat 3

Our customer wished to redesign the old flat inherited from his late grandmother, wich showed the style of a previous era, into a home implementing the newest trends, and intriguing interior decoration solutions. The rooms were mostly redesigned, or got a new function. >>>


Civic Flat with Modern Style Elements

civic flat with modern style elements 1 civic flat with modern style elements 2 civic flat with modern style elements 3 civic flat with modern style elements 4

civic flat with modern style elements 5 civic flat with modern style elements 6 civic flat with modern style elements 7 civic flat with modern style elements 8

civic flat with modern style elements 9 civic flat with modern style elements 10

The flat in Zugló, however modern and ambitious civic flat it was, was previously organised in a manner that had no systematic base, and denied every rule of modern interior design. Our first task was therefore to totally clean the interior, and to rethink its order. Therefore, we could start planning with virtually no compromise. >>>


Feminine Elegance – Romantic Villa

romantic villa 1 romantic villa 2 romantic villa 3 romantic villa 4

romantic villa 5 romantic villa 6 romantic villa 7 romantic villa 8

romantic villa 9 romantic villa 10 romantic villa 11

The villa in Zuglód was furnished in a romantic, feminine sense, where the textiles and small furniture got a great deal of care. The basic layout of the house was fully reorganised during the remodelling, so that we could move the living room and the dining room into the same space. The owner of this realty asked for our opinion on furnishability even before buying the two-storey house. >>>


Daring Little Flat

daring little flat 1 daring little flat 2 daring little flat 3 daring little flat 4

daring little flat 5 daring little flat 6

This barely 50 square metres flat can be found in one of the tower blocks on Marina Shore. The owner is a real modern young man, who wished for an inspirational, modern milieu. The intensive red color dynamizes the small space, while its different shades charm the furniture, accessories, and the overlays as well. >>>


Villa without Compromise – Island of Peace near Budapest

villa without ompromise 1 villa without compromise 2 villa without compromise 3 villa without compromise 4

villa without compromise 5 villa without compromise 6 villa without compromise 7 villa without compromise 8

The family of four escaped to the suburb from the fast-paced city life, and found their peaceful milieu in this villa. They didn’t make compromises, everything has been accomodated to their needs as they requested, and doing this was a nice, and rewarding task for us interior designers >>>


Luxurious Flat on Rózsadomb

luxurious flat on rozsadomb 1 luxurious flat on rozsadomb 2 luxurious flat on rozsadomb 3 luxurious flat on rozsadomb 4

The owner of this flat, a bachelor, originally asked black furniture from us, but when shown our own plans, fell in love with our chosen world of colors. He’s still thankful to us for speaking him out of black, by the way. It’s an unusually hard task to design the interior of a flat luxuriously. >>>


Low-key Mediterranean House

low key mediterranean house 1 low key mediterranean house 2 low key mediterranean house 3 low key mediterranean house 4

low key mediterranean house 5 low key mediterranean house 6 low key mediterranean house 7 low key mediterranean house 8

The mediterranean style dominated Hungary for many years. This house also carries the characteristics in its colors and mood, accompanied by modern elements. Our customer wished for us to design a family house wich would represent this style without being mushy. >>>


Mediterranean-colored, Modern Interior Joint House

mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 1 mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 2 mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 3 mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 4

mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 5 mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 6 mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 7 mediterranean colored modern interior joint house 8

This joint house was one of our first more serious works. The flat decorated with colors and modern elements giving off intensive mediterranean vibes was a great success, and is quite popular even after years. The newly built, attic-like flat needed precise planning for its furnishing, since the spaces were quite gashed. >>>


Modern Family House – Turn Classic into Shocking

modern family house 1 modern family house 2 modern family house 3 modern family house 4

modern family house 5 modern family house 6 modern family house 7

When we first visited this family house, we saw a furnishing of classic tastes, yet neat and convincing arrangement. Our clients however desired a home that would fixate more on modern style and way of life. The interesting factor of this task was stressed even more by the fact that we had to create a spacious family home by uniting two separate living quarters. >>>


Modern Secessional Flat

modern secessional flat 1 modern secessional flat 2 modern secessional flat 3 modern secessional flat 4

modern secessional flat 5 modern secessional flat 6 modern secessional flat 7

When designing the interior, we had to complete our task by honoring both the mother’s secessional, classical tastes, and his grown son’s modern requirements. We were successful in making the mood consistent, even with the different ideas using the same stage, since being nice was a requirement from both sides. >>>


Winehouse in Tokaj – a Shop Defined by Feng Shui

winehouse in tokaj 1 winehouse in tokaj 2 winehouse in tokaj 3 winehouse in tokaj 4

winehouse in tokaj 5 winehouse in tokaj 6 winehouse in tokaj 7

Visitors can meet the Tornyos Winehouse in the friendly hills of Tokaj, which double-functions as a comfortable wine cellar, and a nice wine shop. The whole interior design is our work, according to the rules of Feng Shui. The winehouse was maintained by a family business when the remodelling took place, who had their own wineyard in the Tokaj hills, and sold their own trademark wine in their shop. >>>


Many Functions Sharing a Space – Small Flat in a Residential Area

many functions sharing a space 1 many functions sharing a space 2 many functions sharing a space 3 many functions sharing a space 4

The single lady living in this flat hoped to have a home that’s practical, aesthetic, and well-armed with every function. The living room, the dining room, and even the bedroom took one place, the difference in functions depended on the use of different overlays. >>>


Eastern Mood, Modern Environment – East and West Meet

eastern mood modern environment 1 eastern mood modern environment 2 eastern mood modern environment 3 eastern mood modern environment 4

eastern mood modern environment 5 eastern mood modern environment 6 eastern mood modern environment 7 eastern mood modern environment 8

eastern mood modern environment 9 eastern mood modern environment 10

The furnishing and design of the flat was dominated by our client’s love of different cultures and religions. We tried to meet all his requirements while keeping the balance. It’s always an interesting task for an interior designer when someone wishes to create a modern milieu, that has traditional eastern mood wowen into its fabric. >>>


Nice and Elegant Flat

nice and elegant flat 1 nice and elegant flat 2 nice and elegant flat 3 nice and elegant flat 4

nice and elegant flat 5 nice and elegant flat 6

Sometimes it happens, that our employment only concerns designing a small portion or zone of a flat. This happened, when the placing of the many-functioned kitchen gave our customers a headache. They got their relaxing answers from us. On many occasions, people face the problem of being unable to solve the placement of functions of the kitchen in the kitchen itself. >>>