Feminine Elegance – Romantic Villa

The villa in Zuglód was furnished in a romantic, feminine sense, where the textiles and small furniture got a great deal of care. The basic layout of the house was fully reorganised during the remodelling, so that we could move the living room and the dining room into the same space. The owner of this realty asked for our opinion on furnishability even before buying the two-storey house. It was apparent to us from the first moment, that we would have to reorganise the rooms, but that also meant that we could create a comfortable and lovable home for the family of three.

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The absolutely feminine – english country style – textiles and lively wall colors definetly indicated the tastes of the mother. Regarding the sheets of the living room’s furniture, we happened to find the kind of textiles that matched the curtains perfectly. Most of the furniture in the dining room were newly bought classic style, some of them were even antique. The hard wood staircase in the forefront, and the furniture made from the same material, were masterworks of carpentry. The dynamic green wall gave off vibes of freshness.