Turquoise Minimal Home

Our customer was a young university student, who wished for a minimalist styled home, however, as an admirer of colors, wasn’t stuck in the beige-brown stereotype. Browsing through her favourite colors, we chose purple and turquoise, with proved to be quite effective.

minimal livingroom kitchen minimal livingroom minimal mood

minimal livingroom corner minimal enterior minimal kitchen

minimal simplicity minimal bedroom

Dynamic, youthful, however still friendly in spite of colder colors – that was the kind of home we dreamed to create for her. It is quite commonly needed to customize a flat in a new apartment house by including its characteristics, and stressing its advantages. There can also be disadvantages – this time, the alredy built ceiling-heating system made it hard for us to plan the lighting of the interior. However, the beautiful lamps exposed all the rooms to enough light everywhere, since we carefully chose them for that very purpose. The stronger color tones make the interior more dynamic, and turn even those rooms livelier, that are commonly known as less important. That is how f.e. the passageway got an interesting, stucco-like painting, wich we matched to the rich wallpaper of the living room. Most of the furniture was made by carpenter work, wich made uniform material usage possible. The living room – kitchen – dining room trio got a facade matching the minimal style, and by designing the dining counter, we managed to expand the previously small tea kitchen. The crafty choice of curtains helped to soften the angularity of the minimal style, and the ornaments we used further spiced the refreshing mood of our turquoise empire.

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