Winehouse in Tokaj – a Shop Defined by Feng Shui

Visitors can meet the Tornyos Winehouse in the friendly hills of Tokaj, which double-functions as a comfortable wine cellar, and a nice wine shop. The whole interior design is our work, according to the rules of Feng Shui.

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The winehouse was maintained by a family business when the remodelling took place, who had their own wineyard in the Tokaj hills, and sold their own trademark wine in their shop. The cash register and the shelves were placed in the middle of the winehouse, which also functioned as a bar.

When doing the design planning, we asked for the opinion and advice of Rita Komáromi Feng Shui professional. The usage of materials, choice of colors, the organising of functions and furniture, and the bagua-style overlay usage all helped to make the winehouse function as good as possible.

The vendoring area also functioned as a guest area and winesampling zone, where the customers can taste the wines before their purchase in a friendly and comfy area. Under the winehouse is a classic wine cellar, which serves the same purpose. Additionally, depending on weather conditions, the customer can sample the wines on the neatly made terrace of the winehouse.