Youthful Classic Estate

It might be suprising based on the photos, that this home made in a strictly classic style is resided by a fairly young married couple. This house near Diósd was described by classic furnishing and quality design, since this was the closest to our customer’s idea in terms of style.

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The classic mood of the living room was apparent in the low-key coloring. We also gave the room mediterranean feeling – requested by our customer – apart from the classic accessories. The toscana-style fireplace and the wrought iron handrail gave a peculiar taste to the interior. The floor of the living room was covered by hard wooden parquet.

This classic fireplace also gives off vibes of cozyness and warmth. This low-key coloring, and the floor richly decorated by stuccos continues in the hallway, making the interior finely tuned and unified.

The furniture, the handrails, and the different parget elements are richly decorated in every room. The curtains, pillows, and other textiles were chosen to be heavy, decorated ones wich meld into the classical style.

When designing the kitchen, we were extremely focused on stressing the classical, english characteristics, due to these being the dream of our customers. The bar connecting the dining room and the kitchen had a double function – from the kitchen side, we saw a well-lighted storage area, and from the dining room, it was a classic two-seat bar.

The stone overlay used in the kitchen is classic and intarsia-decorated. Its facade was made apparent through the classic deep brown kitchen furniture and cupboard. Statically speaking, it was impossible to build a real window in, but since it was the adamant request of our customers to let natural light into the dining room, we used glass bricks to make an area, wich turned out to be almost like a window, when decorated with the classic curtains. The other peculiar adornment of the dining room is the exclusive chandelier.