Youthful Design Flat

Our customer wished to redesign the old flat inherited from his late grandmother, wich showed the style of a previous era, into a home implementing the newest trends, and intriguing interior decoration solutions. The rooms were mostly redesigned, or got a new function.

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The living room – kitchen – dining room trio was a single space, but we were cautious to separate these functions, using suspended ceiling, plasterboard walls – in other words, visual tools. The sky blue color of the kitchen was an extremely refreshing shade, wich might be unusual, yet beautiful. The absolutely minimal style was followed by the dark kitchen units with the practical shutters, and the the glass wall-overlay.

The living room’s most apparent element was the plasterboard spectacle wall. Another interesting interior decoration trick was the sliding door which opened the bedroom from this living room, which left open space for the bookshelf next to it. In terms of storage, we tried to use every tool we had, since the floorspace we could arrange was quite small.

The terrace, also opened from the living room, was a fresh and enticing oasis, while the other resting place, the bedroom, was made interesting and elegant by the bourdon colors. We also designed a spectacle wall here, wich became a practical and aesthetic extra in the room combined with its own lighting.